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Valarie D. Coleman is a strong, creative and productive leader, who contributes fresh insights and innovations in efforts toward community and ministerial development. Organizational Communication has led her being hands on with previous Urban Planning allows her to assist with several Community Affairs Coordinators. She acts as a spokesperson for different ministries and creates awareness of strategies for enhancement of service delivery to the public by means of ministry.

V.D. Coleman is instrumental in developing key corporate and community partnerships, while providing logistical management of our numerous community initiatives. Through her collaborative efforts, you can see that there is consistentancy, and the seed of positive growth and development of the diverse regions of ministries are in motion.

She has been gifted to be an adept organizer, conscientious planner and efficient project coordinator. Though her responsibilities as Pastoral Administrator to some are complex and numerous, her high level of organization accounts for the seamless coordination of the logistical details regarding a Ministerial demanding schedule. In addition to these responsibilities, V.D. Coleman is a prolific project manager who directs and coordinates special projects that assist in funding community and charitable initiatives on behalf of larger ministries.

Valarie is a focused and passionate creative thinker and the primary driving force behind our television broadcast. She holds degrees in Communications, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice and is working on another degree in Public Administration. Like the Apostolic mantle that rests in her family, she was and is a woman destined for order. Her exceptional skills, creativity and drive, help keep many ministries on the cutting-edge of the latest technological trend of advancements in Broadcast Communications.

V.D. Coleman ensures that ministry messages are visible and available to the public through the production and distribution of multi-media marketing resources. Getting the word of God out into the highways and hedges with proficiency and grace is done by any Godly means neccessary. She is also comprehensively skilled professional who ensures the achievement of maximum expense control and productivity. She coordinates the day-to-day affairs of ministries, while developing policies and procedures for the systematic regulation of office activities. With technology she is able to gracefully collaborate with the Bishops, Pastors, and leaders to produce the flow of excellence. Below are some of the various things that she does.

"Woman Stuff" by Director, Vis. Valarie D. Coleman

No matter how you fight, in the spirit realm it is impossible to fight "lady like"...

The skilled woman can invent beauty over and over again with extraordinary effect. The art of inventing beauty transcends class, intellect, age, profession, denomination, geography-virtually every cultural and economic barriers.

I have always believed that one woman's success can only help another woman's success...

Young women MUST become active for the betterment of themsleves.

They care about the progress the things that women may have started / changed / improved but they take it for granted...

(Most do)

It is very obvious that there are soooo many women just don't know how great they really are. They appear to be full on the outside but empty on the inside. I find that women can be creative in total isolation! I too, use to do my best "stuff" this way too. But it was not due to anything negative, it was just how God gave me the sparks that I needed.

However, I know many women of excellence who do awesome work in ministry and in their secular fields and they dare not even SHARE it with anyone!

Nonetheless, I feel that some may be used to being ignored/overlooked and grown accustomed to the "the art of or lack of positive feedback"...

Let's help one another discover the real woman on the outside and help heal the little girl on the inside!!

Which will enable we as women, can be WHOLE and be sustained in your true charachter in God!

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