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Minister Cheryl Braxton was born in the Bronx, NY to James and Adelina Parker. She grew up in the "Throggs Neck Projects" where she lived with her 4 siblings: Tanya, James Jr. Eric, and Shannon. Upon her marrying she relocated to Westbury, NY where she now lives with her husband Deacon Anthony Braxton. Cheryl has three adult children, Kendra, La’Cher , and LJ. She is also the proud grandma of two, Amari and Kenidi.

As the Co-Chair representing the state of New York for WIN, (Women in the NAACP ) her first undertaking was a Domestic Violence Forum where she was honored by the presence and testimonies of domestic violence "Victors." Cheryl chooses this name over victim because she believes that once you have allowed God to deliver you out of this bondage you no longer are a victim but a victor! Cheryl‘s long held vision for a faith-based ministry addressing the issue of domestic violence has come to fruition with her pastor, Bishop Lionel Harvey’s blessing, she will be starting the “Balm in Gilead” at her church this March 2011.

Because of her love for writing, in her spare time she takes her pen to paper and lets the Holy Spirit be her guide. She is a co-author of "100 Words of Wisdom for Women". Cheryl is currently working on her second publication and says she has no idea when it will be finished but trusts that the Lord already knows and continues to seek His guidance in doing so.

She is an alumnus of The New York Theological Seminary where she received her certificate in Christian Ministry. Cheryl says that when she graduated, she knew this could not be the end and realized she needed more. As a result of that conclusion, she looks forward to once again enrolling as a fulltime student in the near future. Her goal is to obtain her MDiv / MSW. She holds a full time position as a Medical Biller with North Shore University Hospital, the largest employer on Long Island.

Cheryl and her family are members of the First Baptist Cathedral of Westbury where her Pastor, teacher, spiritual father and covering is the Bishop Lionel Harvey Presiding Prelate of Sword of the Spirit Christian Fellowship Inc.(

Cheryl says she attributes her passion for God and HIS word to a praying Grandmother who taught her about the Lord long before she knew how to spell HIS Name and to her mother who spends countless hours on her knees in intersession for all of her five children, and anyone else the Lord puts on her heart. When asked, "How she does it all?" Her answer is, "I don’t do it all, I just do what he anoints and gives me grace to do and I trust and rely on HIM for the provision to fulfill it!"

Cheryl’s heart’s desire is to see the world get saved and live with the power and authority that God has promised in HIS Word.

E-Mail Minister Braxton at [email protected]

"Stick to the Plan" by Director, Minister Cheryl Braxton

HOW often do we let our minds wander?

Wander away from the task. Away from the step one and step two of it. Obstacles, they come in our lives. Some because of our bad choices; Some because of our wrong choices and some just because that is life and things do not always go according to our plan. One thing I have learned is that no matter the curve ball that you have been thrown or the detour you have to take, if the plan is God’s plan for YOU, it shall be done! One thing I have learned is that before you attempt to determine your own route, Stop, let GOD determine it! His directions are always precise. But, without his guidance, we have a tendency toward error. Many things are good but that good thing may not be your good thing. Allow yourself time with Him, meditate on him and how your Abba daddy God has brought you through! Meditate on his word. Let it sink into the deepest recesses and crevices of your mind body and soul. Into the very essence of you and who you are. Then, listen! Listen without distractions to HIM as he ministers to your heart and guides your life with his plan for you and only you!

While what I say to you I know is real and good for all, I continue to at times not heed the voice of sound doctrine. Although as I continue to mature spiritually, emotionally, and physically, many times I have taken my eyes off of his word and my ears away from the spirit of his voice, and attempted to make it MY SHOW ! One thing I have learned is that, It is not about me and it is not my show! As I write this to you, I write also to me as I listen to the spirit of God saying, stick to my plan. You see, he has already mapped out the paths for you and me to take in order to fulfill his will for our lives. You and I are different women, with different paths to achieve different goals but we have one common denominator and that is that everything in his plan is to HIS GLORY, which is why we need to stick to the Master Plan. This one final thing I have learned is that at the blessed age of 44 years young, I am still learning!

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