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Veronica Denyse Truell is a woman of God who is always excited about her Call and work in Youth Ministry. She accepted Christ in her life at 14 years old while growing up at Peoples Baptist Church of Boston under Rev. Dr. Richard M. Owens. Denyse is a native of Savannah, GA who primarily grew up in Boston, MA. Affectionately known as Denyse by her family and close friends, she has been an actively involved in youth ministry for over 8 years at Concord Baptist Church of Boston. She has served in the capacity of Director of Youth Fellowship and Youth Council member. And she served in this ministry under the leadership of her Pastor; Rev. Dr. Conley Hughes Jr. Currently Denyse is working closely with The American Baptist Churches of Mass. and Grotonwood Christian Camp to Direct/Facilitate a spirit-filled Christian Youth Camp during the week of February School vacation.

Her outside ministry affiliations are NEXUS and RELOAD, Inc. where she serves on the Advisory Team. Both ministries focus on youth ministry leadership, evangelism, and teaching. Both ministries host local and national conferences for youth and leaders. While she primarily works in youth ministry, the area of focus is young ladies and young adult women’s ministries. She also has a series called Sister Talk which, was launched at a youth revival week two years ago. Denyse is currently studying at C.U.M.E., and she is one of 12 youth leaders that have been selected to participate in the Devos/NEXUS Leadership Initiative for 2008-2009. She has preached in the Massachusetts for youth services.

During the day she works at Codman Square NDC in Housing Services where she handles an array of duties in Homebuyer Education, Foreclosure Prevention, and Rehab Housing Lending initiatives.

Denyse is a proud mother of Ashleigh Monique. Extremely proud daughter of praying parents; Deacon Vernon & Deaconess Iris Truell who encouraged her as she grew up in the church. She loves read, sing, and play golf. But what's most important is Denyse loves the Lord. Her favorite saying is "If I can help somebody as I pass along the way, then my living will not be in vain"

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." ~ Romans 8:28

"Chosen" by Director, Veronica Denyse Truell

"But you are a Chosen Generation, A Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, His own special people that may proclaim the Praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." ~ I Peter 2:9

How wonderful it is to be Chosen. This is one of the many wonderful scriptures that prove to be excellent outline for the characteristics of Christian living. The scripture reminds us that being Chosen by God is what we should strive for in life. Sistahs, we are in a unique position. God is going to continue to richly bless each woman as she prays for, encourages, and helps people God has put in our space. Knowing that we are Chosen also means that you can’t let your guard down. There is a promise and a purpose for your lives because you are Chosen. And, because you are doing the work that God has called you to; the adversary keeps trying to come at you and knock you of course. 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, vigilant because your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Be careful watch and pray. Don’t let anything separate you from the will of God who Chose you, a Holy Nation. Remember that because we are Chosen by Him, and we have power to overtake the enemy.

We as children of the most High God must understand that being a Chosen generation: means you should be a bold daring disciple for the Lord. No matter what happens around you remember that you are covered by the Blood of the Lamb, that you are the head, and not the tail. God wants us are to be above the drama, above anger, above the mess, above the lies, above the deceit, above confusion, above the darkness and not below.

So, I appeal to you today, do all that you can to walk in His purpose. For walking in His favor and purpose is the very thing that can make others around you want what you have; a relationship with a True and Living God. And this relationship can’t be built by just attending church on Sunday, singing in the choir, and praise team or serving on the usher board but, it is the awesome daily prayerful, walking relationship with One who is able to keep you from falling.

So, where will your power come from today?

Are you a daring disciple for the Lord? Are you able to stand firm when the enemy attacks you, your family, and friends? Can you stand in the gap and pray for their situations? Are you willing to be a Champion for the cause of Christ? Remember you are Chosen. Are you ready and able to run this race?

Sistahs we are:
Chosen for Greatness
We have a Chosen Destiny
We are working for kingdom building and are Chosen Servants
Some of us have been Chosen to Birth a Vision:
We have been Chosen to be a Vessel with gifts and talents that can bear witness to God’s love, grace and His Mercy.
We are Chosen to Praise and Glorify God

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